21st January, 2014








"I have been in the forest of Fukushima listening to the voice of mushrooms, every autumn since disaster in 2011" - says cult Japanese photographer Takashi Homma, who was going deep in Fukushima's forests to gather and photograph irradiated mushrooms. Variously shaped and sized funghi tell the story about how nuclear plant affected forests, plants and natural balance in Fukushima. Irradiated mushrooms became the focus point for Homma - fresh, still with the gentle flesh of the forest - they are extremely delicate and have to be photographed right after the picking. Collected images were made into a book "Mushrooms from the Forest", which was published by Japanese Blind Gallery from Tokyo's Yoyogi Village. 

Words: Takashi Homma, Thisispaper
Photography: Stefan Wolf Lucks


Source: This Is Paper