5th October, 2017


Banksias are a unique group of native Australian plants, comprising of approximately 170 species. They are easily identified by their unique flowers - characteristically “cone-shaped” and full of flower “spikes”. Banksias range in size from small shrubs to trees up to 30m tall and they grow in a myriad of different environments throughout Australia including temperate and rain-forests, arid landscapes, scrublands and woodlands.

'Banksias of Australia' features Banksia baxteri (with New Holland honey eater) Banksia menziessi, Banksia media (coastal version), Banksia coccinea, Banksia cuneata,  Banksia blechnifolia and Banksia pulchella.

6 colour, 100% hand printed at Amok Island studio in North Fremantle
225 gsm paper.
Size: A2 (42 x 59.4cm)


Available for purchase via Amok Island.